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We are filmmakers with a laser focus on marketing and branding

We live in a 'video first' world

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A cinematic approach to branding... because it works

We turn your brand story into a movie, and your people into movie stars. Why? Because you have a story to tell. A story that your target audience wants to hear before they can identify with you, before they can trust you. People are inclined to see narratives...

choose to be your industry's video leader

We are Gobsmacked, a video marketing agency consisting of 4 individuals who combine a passion for filmmaking with a deep understanding of digital marketing and branding. We produce a wide variety of video content, basically across the full length of your marketing funnel; from inspiring storytelling commercials were we can let our creativity flow freely, to highly in-depth informative or instructive videos.


We have all core competencies for video production in house, from concepting to shooting, from editing to color correction, from motion graphics to even being a certified drone company. For other specific skills, we work closely with a handpicked selection of music composers, sound designers, make up artists, visual Fx specialists and others… to bring your message across in a cinematic, compelling, crystal clear manner.

People are inclined to see narratives. Stories, we crave them. You have one chance to tell your story in the most compelling and tangible way possible.

These past years it has been our distinct pleasure to help transform multiple companies and brands from ‘video laggards’, into video leaders in their respective industries by starting with thorough analysis of what their target audience wants. What does their customer journey look like? When do they need which content? How must we tailor content for specific platforms? Which video content works on Facebook or LinkedIn? What is the key to creating successful Instagram Story videos for your brand?


The answer to questions like this and many more, will form the backbone for your video strategy. We’d love to have a chat with you about it to see how we can help your brand grow… but first check out some of our work by watching our showreel below. Do you like what you see? Shoot us a message or simply hit the ‘Call me back’ button. Let’s talk video!

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