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ABX Zaagmij

Client: ABX Zaagmij

Cutting concrete and asphalt with extreme precision and ease is what ABX Zaagmij stands for. They have perfected concrete and asphalt cutting with their advanced in-house developed special equipment. The only thing ABX Zaagmij didn’t have was a kick-ass corporate film that showed off their unique capabilities and projects.

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ABX Zaagmij

The main focus of the video was to show the core business of ABX Zaagmij in a really neat and cinematic film. What makes ABX Zaagmij so unique is that they are miles ahead of their competition. They designed and modified their equipment which allows them to smoothly cut the hardest concrete and asphalt with extreme precision and within literally seconds.

When you are cutting something you have a beginning and end. Similar to the timeline of a video. We wanted the video to start off with a mysterious shot of asphalt where the ABX Zaagmij cutting lines are being projected. You see the lines being painted, saws are manoeuvred into position and the saw comes into frame and starts cutting. This is where the film really takes off. The music and edit become more intense and you see multiple USP’s of ABX Zaagmij. During the film you see short flashbacks of the asphalt being cut at the beginning of the film with close-ups of all the employees. When the music slows down a bit you get a big overview of all the final roadwork results that ABX Zaagmij contributed towards. We close off with the the saw coming out of the ground.


Optimizing the buyer journey

We approach most branded video marketing through the three different phases of the buyer journey. We start off with determining in which phase the film should be. It was clear from the offset that the ABX Zaagmij corporate film should be in the awareness phase of the buyer journey. The first impression of new customers needs to be that ABX Zaagmij is a high-tech company with impressive and overwhelming machines. Once you get their attention and they are curious to know more about specific solutions you are in the consideration phase. In this phase of the buyer journey you want to offer more in-depth information about these solutions. So for each unique selling point/solution we created a separate video. These videos are a lot shorter, simpler and more informative.

We didn’t pick this spot solely because of the lighting. At flightforum in Eindhoven you have a lot of roads going in big circles which allowed us to just let the truck drive in circles and keep shooting new takes when they drove past.

Purple here, purple there, purple everywhere!

At Gobsmacked we love playing with lighting, especially when it involves cutting and an awesome purple color! (We are not biased) In order to distinguish the intro and outro shots with the rest of the film we wanted to give it a more polished look and do something you can’t do during actual on the job projects. We brought a smoke machine, several high-power LED lights and some purple gels to a remote piece of asphalt where we could cut some lines in, to create a polished branded feeling with beautiful 150 frames per second slow motion close up shots of the blade cutting into the asphalt. This resulted in some iconic images for the ABX Zaagmij brand.



A piece of asphalt in the middle of nowhere didn’t really speak to the imagination. We found a piece of road near Eindhoven Airport which has vibrant blue street lighting that we could easily change to purple in the post-production. We drove the two big ABX trucks over there and set up our gear in the middle of the night. “We didn’t pick this spot solely because of the lighting. At flightforum in Eindhoven you have a lot of roads going in big circles which allowed us to just let the truck drive in circles and keep shooting new takes when they drove past.” This made the shoot really efficient and allowed us to wrap up within 30 minutes.



One of the biggest challenges during the filming of this corporate film was to try and shoot during on the job projects that ABX Zaagmij was working on. These projects were most of the time on really short notice and all over The Netherlands. This forced us to be really flexible during the couple of weeks shooting.


DOP Jeffrey Sistermans
CAMERA Jos Deenen/Jeffrey Sistermans
EDIT Jos Deenen
COLOR Jeffrey Sistermans
SOUND Justin Welgraven


Carly Eijlander, Mirage Laser Group


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