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VET DIGITAL (Bureau Vet)

An online marketing agency looking for colleagues....

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Vet Digital, also known as Bureau Vet in the past, is an online marketing agency from Nijmegen that mainly focuses on the B2B market. The focus of Vet Digital is on building websites and deploying inbound marketing/sales Hubspot. Despite the fact that Vet Digital already has a nice team of professionals, they, like a lot of other companies, had a number of vacancies open. How do you best attract attention among this target group? That's right, by means of an employer branding video! Read more about the course of this process soon!


As a creative agency from Nijmegen, you naturally have some knowledge about the various agencies in the area. There are a number of direct competitors and a number of agencies that mainly reinforce each other. This is also the case with Vet Digital, this agency is moving in a completely different direction than Gobsmacked® creative agency, and it soon became apparent that we complement each other.


By the time they got in touch with us, Vet Digital had a number of specialist positions open, with a Hubspot expert as a priority. And that’s how we came up with the idea of ​​making an employer branding video. But how do you make sure it doesn’t become another exaggerated “look how much fun it is working here” cringefest like so many of those videos? Easy! By making it extra cheesy and cringe on purpose, of course!



Simple! By making it extra cheesy and cringe on purpose, of course! “


 The different steps that we go through when making a video for a brand always start with the concepting phase. For example, we visited the new Vet Digital office, located on the famous (and unsuspecting motorists infamous) Keizer Karel Square. A real home game for us.


Together with a number of Vet Digital employees, we put our heads together for a brainstorming session. This gave us a sense of the company culture and what kind of environment a new employee ends up in, crucial knowledge for making a good employer branding video. We were also updated with regard to vacancy content; desired skillsets, experience, type of person… and so on. As always, we selected some inspirational videos and watched them together to determine a direction.


The ideas started flowing and soon we decided to take the plunge: we’re going to magnify the typical clichés you see in many of these videos and pull them into the absurd. What followed was a bit of pre-production such as the script, the shot list, and the planning… but also determining and purchasing all clothing and attributes. The party could begin!

We're going to magnify the typical cliches you see in many of these types of videos and pull them into the absurd. “


And it was a party! The entire Vet Digital team was so excited to get started on this project, that it gave us a lot of energy with our Gobsmacked® team. It almost seemed like a kind of team excursion and the fun radiated from the faces, making the comic scenes really come into their own. The last scene of the day was the icing on the cake… a huge food fight at a large long table.






It’s a wrap!

Post-production was over and you’ve probably already seen the result above! As always, we try to look beyond 1 deliverable, often extracting multiple cuts from the video of different lengths and aspect ratios. In this way, they can launch a somewhat broader campaign on different platforms.


Fun times!


Are you also looking for an original, creative way to bring your organization to the attention of your dream candidates? Share your challenge with us!



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