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Mpac Group - My Daddy's Job

An imaginative storytelling film about the brand values ​​and future vision of the Mpac Group.

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The Mpac Group is a global leader in full-line packaging automation solutions. Mpac Group has been creating automatic ecosystems for organizations for years. One of the short-term objectives is to further integrate the two brands/divisions Mpac Lambert and Mpac Langen in all areas. What better way to do this than through a corporate vision film. Read on to see the entire process, the behind-the-scenes video, and the results of this case.


Mpac Group has approached us as a creative agency to make a brand film in which their vision and message are translated to the target group. This immediately made our creative hearts beat faster. We couldn’t wait to get started, we had a lot of good concepts in our heads already. In our eyes, Mpac Group is different from the rest… Why? Mpac Group is more compact, flexible, and innovative than the major players in their industry. Mpac Group’s vision for the future has also appealed to us from day one, and they aren’t afraid of any challenge. Uninhibited by the sluggishness of a massive corporate, they dare to have a bold and challenging vision of the industry’s future. As a creative agency, we started working on this issue with great enthusiasm, to get the best possible picture of the corporate vision film for Mpac Group.

Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world” Elon Musk


We understand that Mpac Group wants to shout from the rooftops what they have already made and achieved. As Elon Musk once said: ‘Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world’. Mpac Group can be proud of what they have achieved, but we are convinced that the product itself should not be promoted in the video. That did occur to Mpac Group, which is not surprising, of course. The employees of Mpac Group are of course working day and night with these products, they are proud of what they have achieved. However, if Mpac Group itself knew exactly how they want to make this corporate vision film, they would not have called us. We did exactly what Mpac Group wouldn’t have done in the first place. 


Fortunately, Mpac Group quickly listened to us. Knowledge, passion, and expertise are, in our opinion, the three concepts that had to be reflected in this corporate film. These concepts should make the potential customers feel right after watching the video. This, in combination with the fact that we are an agency that loves to tell vision-driven stories, quickly resulted in a concept idea. 


For us, the creative process often starts with a brainstorming session. Together with several Mpac Group employees, we started brainstorming in a quiet, free setting. No idea is too crazy, too exaggerated, or too boring. Everyone can say whatever comes to their mind. During this brainstorming session, we tried to get to know the company from A to Z. We can say that we succeeded! In a short time, we had the feeling that we were part of the Mpac team. The corporate story, the brand values ​​, and the vision of Mpac were more than clear to us. After sleeping about it for a few nights, the eureka moment came, we knew exactly which story we wanted to tell. 

As soon as we have an idea of ​​the story and we are completely convinced of its added value, we start working on the concept presentation. We can of course be completely convinced of our idea, but that does not mean that the customer is. Fortunately, this was not the case at Mpac Group, happiness and enthusiasm immediately radiated from the faces after holding our concept presentation.

Although this turned out to be even more difficult than expected, after some LinkedIn stalking sessions, it worked!“

Let’s create…. 


Now the real work can begin. The first step was to find a suitable director. We quickly came across Bram Koopman, he is strong in high concepts, fantasy, and game direction. Bram had previously worked for brands such as Bol.com and Vodafone. Spot on, that describes the collaboration between Bram and us. Soon after, we added Stef Kwinten to the team for this case. Stef supported us as DoP. Together with a team, consisting of a total of 18 people, we set to work to make this corporate film a huge success. 


In between, there was one, quite special, obstacle caused by COVID’19. We were looking for a primary school in the Westland where we could shoot one of the scenes, but go find that. All primary schools were closed during this period, due to COVID and it was also summer vacation. Although this turned out to be even more difficult than expected, after some LinkedIn stalking sessions, it worked! There is still a lot to tell about the continuation of this process, but it is of course more fun to just be there. Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Mpac Group “My Daddy’s Job” below:


A corporate film, that was the question that brought Mpac Group to us. We think it has more than succeeded! This unique storytelling film lingers, inspires, and responds to feeling. The vision and brand values ​​of Mpac Group are perfectly reflected. Through the co-creation session and continuing to work with Mpac Group, we have come to the ultimate result.


What can already be seen in the behind-the-scenes video, was the beautiful reaction of Mpac. Although we are already very happy with this, there was an overwhelming response in the end. Our video, My Daddy’s Job – Mpac Group, won two awards at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. We won these in the ‘Corporate Video’ and ‘Best Music’ categories. Pride, is the first and most important emotion that this evokes in us. This would never have been possible without all the great collaborations, we are very grateful for that. 

We are proud that by combining the forces of Mpac Group, Gobsmacked®, and the other parties involved, we have achieved such a great result.


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