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H11XM-ECD9 in Action Hamburg

CLIENT: Hyster Europe

What is more awesome than handling big containers around a terminal and stacking them 9 high? Handling two containers at the same time ofcourse! ‘Double handling’ is what makes the new empty container handler from Hyster unique in its market. With a completely redesigned mast it is able to handle heavy and offset double container loads. To show off these unique abilities we traveled to Hamburg, Germany, to capture this beast in action.

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H11XM-ECD9 in Action Hamburg

For us this project was a perfect opportunity to make a cinematic intro combining the double handling as well as the location. We did this by shooting timelapses at certain landmarks of the city and mirroring them in post-production to create a surreal effect as well as teasing the double handling subject. The intro starts with more generic landmarks of Hamburg and slowly go to the harbor and container terminals. This is where the film will start with a mirrored image of the empty container handler handling double reefers. At first you will think it is also mirrored but as the effect goes away you see that it is actually handling the double reefers.

The bulk of the film is divided up into chapters that represent the unique selling points of the truck. Starting with capacity, visibility and finishing with high stacking. Each chapter shows the unique selling points in different ways enhanced with motion graphic overlays that point out certain points.



Lovely German summer…

When organising a film shoot in the middle of July you’d expect to at least have some decent weather. A few days before we went down to Hamburg we already saw there was going to be a lot of rain in the forecasts. We hoped we would be lucky but just to be sure we made sure we packed the necessary equipment to deal with the rain. (rain covers, umbrellas, towels, etc.) Fully packed and prepared we went down to Hamburg, Germany.


On the first night we wanted to shoot most of the time lapses in the city center. We started with the time lapse of the BLOCKBRÄU tower with the Hamburg harbor in the background. Ofcourse it was raining the entire evening already so we had to sit and wait in the rain for the time lapse to complete. To make sure we could see what the mirrored final composition of the time lapse would be we had a small makeup mirror with us that we could place on the viewfinder. “It was really important for us to see what the final composition would look like with the small mirror. The framing was completely different than what I’m normally used to.” tells Jeffrey. Each time lapse took about 30 minutes to shoot, and to make sure we had some options in the edit we did at least two or three time lapses per location.



The next morning we were early to rise and move to the other film locations to shoot some more time lapses in the harbor. Ofcourse the weather hadn’t improved and we were still standing in the rain holding our umbrellas above the camera. Once we had shot all of the necessary time lapses we went to the container terminal where the new empty container handler was driving. We managed to get ourselves an empty container on the actual terminal that we could use as a base point to work out of. It was also nice to have some shelter against the constant heavy rain and allowed us to quickly change setup and film the truck.



CAMERA Jos Deenen/Jeffrey Sistermans
EDIT Remi Kranen
COLOR Jeffrey Sistermans
SOUND DESIGN Arjen Jongeneel
CONCEPT/SCRIPT Ian Piepenbrock, Jeffrey Sistermans


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