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RS45 - Build for the Job teaser

CLIENT: Hyster Europe

Early 2017, “built for the Job” is what Hyster wanted to communicate to its customers with their latest big truck: the new RS45. The idea was to create suspense leading up to a big launch event held in the beautiful Meydan Hotel, Dubai and do something that has never been done and/or seen before in the materials handling industry.

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RS45 - Build for the Job teaser

We wanted to tease the truck and give subtle hints to the audience about what the new product could be without actually fully showing it. builting upon the main proposition of the truck: “built for the Job” we came up with a concept where the audience is witnessing the construction of the new truck. As the new truck is a so called reachstacker, typically used for container handling, we created an appropriate environment. The teaser begins and the camera slowly starts moving towards a container with its doors ajar. You can clearly see and hear that something is being built inside the container. The doors slowly open and the camera gets sucked into the ‘Hyster yellow’ lit container. Once you’re in the container you see different flashes of the process that goes into builting the RS45. The camera ends up underneath the finished truck and ‘thrusts’ backwards to reveal the RS45, but just before you can fully see it you get sucked outside the container again and the doors slam shut.

Thinking outside the box and inside a tent

One of the challenges we faced during production was to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere inside the Hyster Nijmegen Big Truck factory where we could not control the lighting whatsoever. After a quick brainstorm someone opted the idea to buy a black pop up party tent and cover specific production station that we wanted to capture. This way only the necessary part of the production was stopped for a few mins while the rest of the factory was able to continue working.“When we arrived at the station where we needed to get some shots, we popped up the tent within 5 minutes and could immediately start shooting” explains Jeffrey, Director of Photography. “The hardest station was where they attached the wheels to the axle. The tent didn’t fit over it because the wheels were too big, so we put the tent against the wheel and closed off any gaps that allowed light in.”


A night in Weeze

Shooting the intro and outro scene at the Hyster test facility in Weeze was a unique experience. Throughout the day we prepared the set, putting the shipping containers in the right place, cutting a hole in the container in order to power the lights and smoke machine inside without cables coming in from the front. When everything was set we waited until it got dark. Once the sun set we started to light the scene. We used one yellow gelled 2.5K HMI inside the container. We also had a smoke machine, fan and strobe light to diffuse the light, get a more mysterious look and to emulate welding flashes going on inside the container. Behind the camera we lit the sides of the containers with two LED pars CTB. And finally on top of the middle container we put a big LED source gelled yellow to backlight the smoke coming out of the container to maintain the same color.


When we started shooting we found out that the hardest part was to get both of the doors to open simultaneously when the camera slowly moved forward. We put down marks next to the dolly track that we could shout to Ian and Remi as they were tasked with pulling the doors open with a rope. “Because we were not able to see the doors actually being opened when pulling on the rope it was really hard to judge whether I did it right or not.” says Remi. “Timing was essential, the more takes we did the more we got a feeling for the timing… we sort of established a telepathic connection. Ha!” explains Ian.


Bringing it all together

Making the rough cut was harder than we expected. Because we decided to let all of the audio in the teaser be custom designed by a sound designer we had to do an edit first, with no audio reference at all. Once the audio was done we could fine tune the edit and start with the animations and color grading process. “The most important part of the color grading in this project was to make sure that the yellow color is consistent throughout the teaser and is the exact same yellow as the official Hyster yellow.” says Jeffrey.

The Meydan Event

In addition to serving as an geotagged online teaser for the product launch, the video also became part of a visually rich presentation at the prestigious Meydan Hotel in Dubai. The presentation consisted of various live controlled motion graphics and a number of tailored videos, showcasing various Hyster industry focussed solutions. We traveled to Dubai to coordinate the presentation, prepare the various Hyster speakers and live control the visuals.

CLIENT/BRAND   Hyster-Yale Group



DOP   Jeffrey Sistermans

CAMERA Jos Deenen

GAFFER Carly Eijlander

EDIT Remi Kranen

2D ANIMATION   Jos Deenen

COLOR Jeffrey Sistermans

SOUND Justin Welgraven

CONCEPT Ian Piepenbrock, Jeffrey Sistermans


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