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Mpac Group - My Daddy's Job

Corporate vision film

A compelling storytelling film about the core values and future vision of the Mpac Group.

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Mpac Group - My Daddy's Job

Mpac Group is one of the global leaders in full-line packaging automation solutions. On of the objectives in 2020 was to further integrate the two brands Mpac Lambert and Mpac Langen on all levels. To communicatie a unified vision and message we created this compelling storytelling film. Read more about the vision behind this project, learn about the concepting and production process and watch some bonus behind the scenes footage!

Forget everything you had in mind

For companies in the manufacturing industry it’s often quite the culture shock… a hip agency comes barging in to tell them to stay away from anything that has to do with their actual product. And to certainly not bore your audience with an endless list of USPs or images of people sitting behind computer screens.


Still, it is entirely logical that things like this are often the first hunches when there is a wish for a corporate film… the people within such a company ‘live’ what they do; the actual subject matter, the technology with which they solve actual, real world problems for their customers. The people are often very proud of what they do… and rightfully so.

This is certainly the case for Mpac Group. When you develop very advanced assembly and packing lines at a global scale, and for industry giants such as Nestlé and Johnson & Johnson you want to let the world know! You want to showcase all the ingenious solutions you come up with every single time… “Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world” one Elon Musk aptly said.


And that is exactly why it is our job to take all that passion, knowledge and abilities that are being poured into these technical solutions and package it (no pun intended) in such a a way that it really hits home with potential clients… in such a way that it sets Mpac Group apart from its competitors. Because indeed, competitors too develop fantastic solutions, and in this case we are talking about some competitors who are part of a gigantic organization, which by default provides them with a huge reach and commercial strength within the market.

“Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world” one Elon Musk aptly said.

Mpac Group is different

But Mpac Group is different: more compact, more flexibility in thinking and acting, full of innovative ideas… and what appealed to us right away, a very inspiring vision on the future. Not constrained by the red tape that can typically be found within a huge corporate, they dare to truly think and dream about the future. Historically there are many examples of science-fiction being caught up by technological innovation… think of very current themes such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and autonomous robotics. Grist to the mill of course, for an agency that loves to tell a vision driven story, to inspire audiences by pointing at that magnificent dot on the horizon.


In that regard it was perfect that our primary contact Rob Heijligers (Mpac) leads the “Innovation 4.0” project, with the objective of developing and implementing a first round of innovations, which will be continuously made smarter and better. The ultimate future vision? A “lights out” factory hall; a fully autonomous, self learning “automation ecosystem”.


Alright, time to sink our teeth into this! We started out with some ‘free flowing’ brainstorm sessions together with Mpac, which helped us to get to know the organization on every level; from corporate strategy to the people on the floor. In a short period of time we learned a lot, we were able to gain a deep understanding of the corporate strategy and the Mpac brand values. And then we locked ourselves up in the office, and after a Weekend of staring out of the window and laying on our purple couches… there it was! We knew exactly what kind of story we needed to tell…


We wrote it down, created a concept presentation and our client was stoked right away. After securing some critical buy-in from the CEO and other stakeholders we could now really start the creation process. The first step? To find the right director. That led us to Bram Koopman, who is very skilled in high-concepts and fantasy and has worked for brands like Bol.com and Vodafone. We hit it off right away and established a great creative connection. Bram’s concept interpretation was spot on. Soon after that we were able to add DoP Stef Kwinten to our line-up and from that moment on the project really started to flow. Together with an amazing crew of 18 people and great support and commitment from within Mpac Group we were able to create a wonderful corporate film and above all get a lot of fulfillment out of the proces. We could write several pages more about the production process and the challenges we faced… but it is much more fun to just show you! Below you can watch the behind the scenes compilation of Mpac Group: “My Daddy’s Job”.

Crew & cast


  • Concept: Ian Piepenbrock / Jeffrey Sistermans
  • Script: Bram Koopman / Ian Piepenbrock
  • Director: Bram Koopman
  • DoP: Stef Kwinten
  • 1st assistant: Max Franken
  • 2nd assistant: Jeffrey Sistermans
  • Production ass + DIT: Remi Kranen
  • Gaffer: Frank Berger
  • Best boy: Emiel van Geenen
  • Audio: Willem de Wijs
  • Art Director: Wouter Jansen
  • Prop design: Marcel Coufreur
  • Styliste: Chloe Pessy
  • Location agency: Grace Locations
  • Edit: Remi Kranen
  • Color grading: Jeffrey Sistermans
  • CGI/VFX: David van Heeswijk
  • Music/Sound design: Francisco Fernando Rios
  • Second unit: Jos Deenen / Jeffrey Sistermans



  • Vader: Alex van Bergen
  • “Lizzy”: Sophie
  • Mpac figurant: Rob Heijligers
  • Mpac figurant 1: Martien Smits
  • Mpac figurant 2: Monique Janssen
  • Mpac figurant 3: Sebastiaan Willems
  • Mpac figurant 4: Suzanne
  • Mpac figurant 5: Rob Heijligers
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