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Postillion - Use us we love it

Client: KIMspiration & Mangoest

Post production color grading on behalf of KIMspiration & Mangoest

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Postillion - Use us we love it

In addition to developing video strategies for brands and full in house video productions we also offer our specialised skills as stand-alone services. For example: color correction, drone flying, concepting, etc. So when MANGOEST was producing a new commercial for Postillion hotels they wanted to outsource their color correction to a more specialised party.

Nailing the look

When doing color correction for an in-house production you already have a ‘look’ in mind while shooting and concepting. So when it’s time to start the color correction phase it is quite easy to nail the ‘look’ of the image. This project was a bit different as we were only introduced in the project after it was already filmed. The first thing we had to do was nail the ‘look’ the director of the commercial had in mind. We had a couple of meetings in our studio and send some reference stills/videos back and forth so we could understand what kind of ‘look’ the client was going for. Fairly confident we knew what look to go for we started creating this look on a couple of test shots from the shoot and communicated these back with the client. Once they were happy with the look & feel of the images we finally knew fore sure we were on the same page and we could start the color correcting process of the entire commercial.



The first thing we had to do was nail the ‘look’ the director of the commercial had in mind.

Grading away!

Color grading an entire commercial/video is a lot harder than just making one or two shots look nice. If you create a look for one shot it is important that you match all the other shots in the video with that one shot so that the look is consistent throughout the entire commercial/film. This commercial was shot RAW on RED cameras. RAW video files allowed us to adjust and match the look better and easier. When working closely together on a production like this we like to keep in touch with our client as much as possible. Every couple of shots we would send the client an update on the progress with a couple of stills. This way he could stay up to date with the progress of the grading as well as give immediate feedback on the color correction. 



COLOR Jeffrey Sistermans


Do you have any questions about this project or are you looking for something similar for your production? Feel free to shoot us a message or simply hit the ‘Call me back’ button so we can have a chat about it!

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