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Client: Festicoin

Promo video for Festicoin, the mobile payment solution for festivals and live-events, based on blockchain technology.

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We love working for promising blockchain companies, especially when it involves a fully working and 'real world' tested product. Being so closely involved with technology that is changing the world inspires us big time. Here's a new project we did, for Festicoin. A mobile payment solution for festivals and live-events. No more plastic coins, clumsy payment wristbands, crumbled banknotes or bank cards with high fees. A true win-win for both organizer and visitor, with huge global potential. It was quite a time critical project but we had fun producing it.

Because Festicoin was still in development they had only tested it at a couple of select festivals during the recent festival season. This meant we didn’t have the opportunity to shoot the commercial during an actual festival. Festicoin had filmed some footage during these trials which were made available to us. The footage wasn’t really detailed enough for our concept so we had to come up with a way in which we could integrate more elaborate explanations of the product.

Festicoin environment

The solution was to film some highly branded ‘Festicoin’ environment where she would operate the app. As soon as she opened the app on the festival footage she would immediately be mentally (on screen physically) transported to this Festicoin environment. This allowed us to shoot all the necessary close ups and details shots of the app in action. We set up our trusty black pop-up tent and lit the scene with 4 different color gels on just two lights. This created the colorful blending effect as seen in the Festicoin brandguide.


This was probably the most colorful video I’ve worked on!

Rainbow of colors!

In order to make sure the colors matched the brand of Festicoin we did some extensive color correction to make sure the colors matched. “This was probably the most colorful video I’ve worked on.” tells Jeffrey. Not only in the Festicoin environment we added the Festicoin rainbow of colors but also throughout the festival shots we added a spinning wheel of color to add to the colorful experience.




CAMERA Jos Deenen/Jeffrey Sistermans

EDIT Remi Kranen


COLOR Jeffrey Sistermans

SOUND Francisco Rios


Do you have any questions about this project or are you looking for something similar for your brand? Feel free to shoot us a message or simply hit the ‘Call me back’ button so we can have a chat about it!

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